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Aerosmith  LIVE  Picture  Tracks
Beatles  All Too Much   Picture  Tracks
Beatles Another Peter Sellers Tapes  Picture  Tracks
Beatles Crazy Shows  Picture  Tracks
Beatles Crying Waiting Hoping  Picture  Tracks
Beatles Perfect Beat


Beatles  LIVE


David Bowie  Live At The Tower Theater 1974


David Bowie  Outta Space  ( Live 1968/1970 )  Picture  Tracks
David Bowie  The London Tapes ( Marquee Club , London , September 1966 )  Picture  Tracks
The Doors Red Walls Blue Doors ( Stockholm '68 , 2nd show )


The Doors The Riot Show ( LA 1968 plus Bonustracks )  Picture  Tracks
Emerson, Lake And Palmer Live at Newcastle City Hall, March 26th, 1971  Picture  Tracks
Grateful Dead  LIVE  Picture  Tracks
George Harrison  LIVE  Picture  Tracks
Jethro Tull  LIVE  Picture  Tracks
Jimi Hendrix  LIVE  Picture  Tracks
Jimi Hendrix  Guitar & Amps (  Olympia Theatre, Paris, France, January 29th, 1968 )  Picture  Tracks
John And Yoko  LIVE  Picture  Tracks
Led Zeppelin  Ballroom Blitz   ( London Lyceum Ballroom , October 12th , 1969 )  Picture  Tracks
Led Zeppelin  I Saw Him Standing There  ( LA , CA , September 1970 )  Picture  Tracks
Led Zeppelin  Killing Floor ( San Francisco , April 27th , 1969 )  Picture  Tracks
Led Zeppelin  London Broadcast  ( Playhouse Theatre , London , UK  June 27th , 1969 )  Picture  Tracks
Led Zeppelin  Radio Appearances ( Stockholm Konserthuset , Sweden , March 16th , 1969 )  Picture  Tracks
Neil Young American Dreamland  ( CSN&Y at Los Angeles Forum , June 26th , 1970 )  Picture  Tracks
Pink Floyd  A Trick Of The Light ( Audimax, Hamburg , Germany , Mar 12th 1970 )  Picture  Tracks
Pink Floyd  LIVE ( London 1970 )  Picture  Tracks
Pink Floyd LIVE ( San Diego 1971 )  Picture  Tracks
Pink Floyd  LIVE In Amsterdam   Picture  Tracks
Pink Floyd  The Last Gadgets of Oxyminus  ( Concertbow , September 17th , 1969 + London '69 )  Picture  Tracks
Rolling Stones  Beggars Sessions  ( Sessions 1968 )  Picture  Tracks
Rolling Stones  Decca Years Vol. 1   Picture  Tracks
Rolling Stones  Decca Years Vol. 5   Picture  Tracks
Rolling Stones  Get Your Kicks  Picture  Tracks
Rolling Stones  LIVE  Picture  Tracks
Rolling Stones  Midnight Ramblers  ( Essen , 1970 )  Picture  Tracks
Rolling Stones  Stoneaged  ( Live Rehearsals 1969 )  Picture  Tracks
Rolling Stones  Vintage But Vigorous  ( Oakland Coliseum , November 9th , 1969 )  Picture  Tracks
The Who Furious Prelude ( Fillmore East , New York , April 5th 1968 )  Picture  Tracks
The Who  LIVE  Picture


The Yarbirds Zeppelin Presentation ( The Yardbirds LIVE In Stockholm 1967 )  Picture  Tracks
Velvet Underground  LIVE  Picture  Tracks







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