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AC DC                             Angus Cha Cha  Picture  Tracks
Aerosmith                        Nightclubbing  ( Live in Hartford, Connecticut, USA )  Picture  Tracks
Aerosmith                        The Increasing Killer Show ( Tower Theater , Upper Darby , PH , 1978 & Central Park , NY )  Picture  Tracks
Aerosmith                        The Increasing Killer Show ( Tower Theater , Upper Darby , PH , 1978      Picture  Tracks
Alarm                              The Major Premise  Picture  Tracks
Alvin Lee                         One More Chance ( Alvin Lee Live in Europe 1975 )  Picture  Tracks
Angel                               Blowing Great Guns  Picture  Tracks
Bad Company                  Canīt Get Enough Of That Stuff ( 2 CD SET ) ( Live in Boston 1974 )  Picture  Tracks
The Band                         This Wheel's On Fire  Picture  Tracks
The Beatles                       Documents Vol. 1  Picture  Tracks
The Beatles                       Documents Vol. 2  Picture  Tracks
The Beatles                       Documents Vol. 3  Picture  Tracks
The Beatles                       Documents Vol. 4  Picture  Tracks
The Beatles                       Documents Vol. 5  Picture  Tracks
The Beatles                       Documents Vol. 6  Picture  Tracks
Jeff Beck                          Let Me Love You ( Beck Bogart & Appice Live in Europe 1972 )  Picture  Tracks
Jeff Beck                          Out Of A Book  Picture  Tracks
Black Oak Arkansas         Hey Jim Dandy !  Picture  Tracks
Black Sabbath                  Letīs Get Crazy ( 2 cd set ) ( Recorded Live in Kansa City , MI , USA , 1986 )  Picture  Tracks
Black Sabbath                  Metal Mess ( Live at Ontario Motor Speedway, Ontario, Canada , April 6th, 1974 )  Picture  Tracks
 Black Sabbath                  Sabīs Furore ( Live in london 1975 )  Picture  Tracks
Blue Oyster Cult               Nail You Down  Picture  Tracks
Jack Bruce                        Almost Cream  ( Live at the Bottom Line, New York, USA, December 7th, 1989 )  Picture  Tracks
Jack Bruce                        In Concert ( Feat. Chris Spedding )( Live in London, UK, August 1971 )  Picture  Tracks
The Byrds                         Back To New York  Picture  Tracks
The Byrds                         Shooting !  Picture  Tracks
Camel                               Unevensongs ( Live in London 1977 )  Picture  Tracks
Caravan                            Canterbury Everywhere  Picture  Tracks
Chicago Transit Authority   The Texas Pop International Festival  Picture  Tracks
Eric Clapton                      Reziprocal Affection  Picture  Tracks
Eric Clapton                     The Legendary L.A. Forum Show ( 2 cd ) ( Live in LA , CA , August 14th , 1975 )  Picture  Tracks
Elvis Costello                    In The District Of Columbia  Picture  Tracks
Cream                              Creamer  Picture  Tracks
David Crosby                   After The Vacation  Picture  Tracks
Deep Purple                      Let's Go Space Trucking  Picture  Tracks
Deep Purple                     Mandrake Root  Picture  Tracks
Detective                          Very Zeppelinish ( Live in New York City, 1978 )   Picture  Tracks
Doobie Brothers               Rockin' Down In Memphis    Picture  Tracks
Electric Light Orchestra    Beethoven , Lynne & Co  Picture  Tracks
The Faces                        Rhythm & Booze  Picture  Tracks
The Faces                        That's All You Need  Picture  Tracks
The Faces                        We Better Get Ourselves Back Home  Picture  Tracks
Fleetwood Mac                Station Men  Picture  Tracks
Free                                 Free or Dead ( Live at the Coatham Bowl, 1973 )  Picture  Tracks
Peter Gabriel                  On The Air ( New York 1978 - Cleveland 1977 )  Picture  Tracks
Gallagher , Rory             The Cuckoo  Picture  Tracks
Genesis                            Perpetual Soundwave  Picture  Tracks
Graham Parker               Sweet Home Chicago  Picture  Tracks
Grateful Dead                  Dead De Luxe  Picture  Tracks
Grateful Dead                  Invitation Only !  Picture  Tracks
James Cotton Band        The Texas Pop International Festival  Picture  Tracks
Janis Joplin                    The Texas Pop International Festival  Picture  Tracks
Jethro Tull                     A New Day Yesterday  Picture  Tracks
Jimi Hendrix                  A Session ( With Traffic )  Picture  Tracks
Jimi Hendrix                  B.B.King & Stevie Wonder Sessions  Picture  Tracks
Joni Mitchell                  Urge For Going  ( Live in London 1973 plus bonustracks Live in USA )  Picture


Billy Joel                        New York City Serenade  Picture  Tracks
Kansas                           Down The Road  Picture  Tracks
The Kinks                      Slum Kids ( Live in London 1974 )  Picture  Tracks
Led Zeppelin                  1st Of April ( A Paris Affair )  Picture  Tracks
Led Zeppelin                  Mobile Dick ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Led Zeppelin                  The Texas Pop International Festival  Picture  Tracks
Led Zeppelin                   Zoso's Back To Rock 'N' Roll ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Little Feat                       When The Shit Hits The Fan  Picture  Tracks
Lou Reed                         What Ever Happened To Dick And Steve  Picture  Tracks
Lynyrd Skynyrd              In Memory Of A Free Bird  ( Live in Cardiff, Wales , October 9th, 1976 )  Picture  Tracks
Man                                The 1999 Party Tour  Picture  Tracks
Marillion                          Cinderella Search  Picture  Tracks
Mike & The Mechanics     Live At The Tower  Picture  Tracks
Mott The Hoople              Long Red  ( Oh Boy Records ) ( Live in New York 1974 plus Live in Stockholm 1971 )  Picture  Tracks
Neil Young                         Born To Rock 'N' Roll  Picture  Tracks
Pat Travers                        Hammerhead  Picture  Tracks
Paul Kossoff                      Live Back Street Crawler & Free ( 2 CD SET )( Europe 1975 & London 1968 )  Picture  Tracks
Paul Simon                         Live At The Tower  Picture  Tracks
Pink Floyd                          Mauerspechte  Picture  Tracks
Rockpile                             Provoked Beyond Endurance  Picture  Tracks
The Rolling Stones             Birmingham Odeon 1973  Picture  Tracks
The Rolling Stones             Happy Birthday , Nicky ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Rory Gallagher                 Whatīs The Story, Rory ?  ( Live in London 1973 )  Picture  Tracks
Roxy Music                        When We Were Young  Picture  Tracks
Roy Harper                        Heavy Crazy  Picture  Tracks
Santana                              Michigan ( Live at Rynearson Stadium , Ipsilanti , Michigan , USA , May 25th 1975 )  Picture  Tracks
Slade                                Is Everybody Crazy  ( Live in Europe 1972 plus San Francisco, CA )  Picture  Tracks
Steely Dan                          Live  Picture  Tracks
Steve Forbert                     What Kinda Guy ?  Picture  Tracks
Steve Hackett                     I Know What I Like  Picture  Tracks
Steve Hillage                      Ggggong Go Long  Picture  Tracks
The Sweet                           Rockin' The Rainbow  Picture  Tracks
Talking Heads                    Greek Theater  Picture  Tracks
Talking Heads                    Natures Way  Picture  Tracks
Todd Rundgren                  Cleveland Rocks ( 2 CD SET ) ( Cleveland, Ohio, 1978 )  Picture  Tracks
Todd Rundgren                  Hello , It's Me !  ( Live in the USA 1977 ' 1985 )  Picture  Tracks
Todd Rundgren                  Utopia Is Here To Come  Picture  Tracks
Ten Years After                 The Texas Pop International Festival  Picture  Tracks
The Rotary Connection     The Texas Pop International Festival  Picture  Tracks
The Strawbs                       Heroes And Forever ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Triumph                              Precious Metal Virtuoso  Picture  Tracks
Van Morrison                     The Inner Mystic ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
West, Bruce & Laing          Live in K'Town  ( Live in Kaiserslautern, West Germany , 1973 )  Picture  Tracks
Wishbone Ash                     In America & Over Japan( Memphis August 21st 1972 & Tokyo Nov 10th ,1978 )  Picture  Tracks
Wishbone Ash                     Fighters And Warriors  Picture  Tracks









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