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Allman Brothers Band               Hot Atlanta  Picture  Tracks
The Band                                    Blue Highways  Picture  Tracks
The Beach Boys                         Cool Water  Picture  Tracks
The Beach Boys                         Monster Mash  Picture  Tracks
The Beatles                                 A Case Of Blues  Picture  Tracks
The Beatles                                 Across The Universe  Picture


The Beatles                                 Get Back  Picture  Tracks
The Beatles                                 It's Only Love  Picture  Tracks
The Beatles                                 Misery  Picture  Tracks
The Beatles                                 Ticket To Ride  Picture  Tracks
Blind Faith / Derek & The Dominoes            Sea Of Blues  Picture  Tracks
Bob Dylan                                    One For The Road  Picture  Tracks
David Bowie                                Cracked Actor  Picture  Tracks
David Bowie                                Rebel , Rebel  Picture  Tracks
David Bowie                                Starman  Picture  Tracks
Bruce Springsteen                          N Y C  Serenade  Picture


Buffalo Springfield                         Down To The Wire  Picture  Tracks
The Byrds                                    Satisfied Mind  Picture  Tracks
The Byrds                                    Willin'  Picture  Tracks
Joe Cocker                                    Shut Out The Light  Picture  Tracks
Cream                                             Stepping Out  Picture  Tracks
Crosby Stills Nash & Young          Bluebird Revisited  Picture  Tracks
Crosby Stills Nash & Young          Long Time Gone  Picture  Tracks
Crosby Stills Nash & Young          Winterlong  Picture  Tracks
Crosby Stills Nash & Young          Wooden Ship  Picture


Deep Purple                                         Georgia On My Mind  Picture  Tracks
The Doors                                    Down On Me  Picture  Tracks
The Doors                                    Go Insane  Picture  Tracks
The Doors                                    Moonlight Drive  Picture  Tracks
The Doors                                    Mystery Train  Picture  Tracks
The Doors                                    Shake Your Moneymaker  Picture  Tracks
The Doors                                    Summer's Almost Gone  Picture  Tracks
The Doors                                    Touch Me  Picture  Tracks
The Doors                                    Who Do You Love  Picture  Tracks
Eagles ( & Little Feat )                           Sailin' Shoes   Picture  Tracks
Elton John                                     Angel Tree  Picture  Tracks
Elton John                                     Daniel  Picture  Tracks
Elton John                                     Get Out Of This Show  Picture  Tracks
Elton John                                     Rebecca  Picture  Tracks
Elvis Presley                                  Suspicious King  Picture  Tracks
Emerson , Lake & Palmer           Pictures At An Exhibition  Picture  Tracks
Emerson , Lake & Palmer           The Silver Sheriff  Picture  Tracks
Eric Clapton                                  Layla  Picture  Tracks
The Faces                                      Angel  Picture  Tracks
The Faces                                      Cindy Incidentally  Picture  Tracks
The Faces                                      Maggie Mae  Picture  Tracks
Fleetwood Mac                              Mean Old World  Picture  Tracks
Genesis                                          Moonlight Knight  Picture  Tracks
Grateful Dead                               Alligator Wine  Picture  Tracks
Grateful Dead                               Morning Dew  Picture  Tracks
Grateful Dead                                       Pain In My Heart ( Live in Sausalito , December 13th , 1966 )  Picture  Tracks
Grateful Dead                               Stealin'  Picture  Tracks
Janis Joplin                                   A Flower In The Sun  Picture  Tracks
Jefferson Airplane                         High Flyin' Bird  Picture  Tracks
Jethro Tull                                     Back To The Family  Picture  Tracks
Jethro Tull                                      Live At The Seaside ( Jacksonville , FL , USA , October 6th , 1970 )  Picture  Tracks
Jimi Hendrix                                  Catfish Blues  Picture  Tracks
Jimi Hendrix                                  Cherokee Mist  Picture  Tracks
Jimi Hendrix                                  Little Wing  Picture  Tracks
Jimi Hendrix                                  Midnight Lightning  Picture  Tracks
Jimi Hendrix                                  Power Of Soul  Picture  Tracks
Jimi Hendrix                                  The Wind Cries Mary  Picture  Tracks
Jimi Hendrix                                  Voodoo Chile  Picture  Tracks
Led Zeppelin                                          Minnesota Blues  Picture  Tracks
Led Zeppelin                                          White Summer  Picture  Tracks
King Crimson                                Talk To The Wind  Picture  Tracks
John Lennon                                  Come Together  Picture  Tracks
John Lennon                                  San Francisco Bay Blues  Picture  Tracks
Little Feat  ( w / The Eagles )        Sailin' Shoes  Picture  Tracks
Lou Reed                                        Satellite Of Love  Picture  Tracks

Lou Reed                                        Streets Of Berlin

 Picture  Tracks
Lou Reed                                        Sweet Jane  Picture  Tracks
Lou Reed                                       The Great Banana  Picture  Tracks
Paul McCartney                             Junior's Farm  Picture  Tracks
Paul McCartney                             Little woman Love  Picture  Tracks
Neil Young                                     Albuquerque  Picture  Tracks
Neil Young                                     Tired Eyes  Picture  Tracks
Neil Young                                     Winterlong  Picture  Tracks
Otis Redding                                  Try A Little Tenderness  Picture  Tracks
Pink Floyd                                      Black Wizard  Picture  Tracks
Pink Floyd                                      California Moon  Picture  Tracks
Pink Floyd                                      California Sun  Picture  Tracks
Pink Floyd                                      Echoes  Picture  Tracks
Pink Floyd                                      Eugene  Picture  Tracks
Pink Floyd                                      If You Were A Bluebird  Picture  Tracks
Pink Floyd                                      Fat Old Sun  Picture  Tracks
Pink Floyd                                     Green Is The Color   Picture  Tracks
Pink Floyd       My Uncle Is Sick Because The Highway is Green  Picture  Tracks
Pink Floyd                                     Stone Rust  Picture  Tracks
Pink Floyd                                     White Witch  Picture  Tracks
Procol Harum                                Butterfly Boys  Picture  Tracks
Rolling Stones                               As Tears Go By  Picture  Tracks
Rolling Stones                               Down The Road A Piece  Picture  Tracks
Rolling Stones                               Jumping Jack Flash  Picture  Tracks
Rolling Stones                               Secret Garden  Picture  Tracks
Rolling Stones                               Tumbling Dice  Picture  Tracks
Rolling Stones                               Uptight  Picture  Tracks
Santana                                         Soul Sacrifice  Picture  Tracks
Simon & Garfunkel                      Feelin' Groovy  Picture  Tracks
Stevie Wonder                              Higher Ground  Picture  Tracks
The Band                                      Blue Highways  Picture  Tracks
The Faces                                     Angel  Picture  Tracks
The Faces                                     Cindy Incidentally  Picture  Tracks
Van Der Graaf Generator           Lighthouse Keepers  Picture  Tracks
Van Morrison                              Moonshine Whiskey  Picture  Tracks
Van Morrison                              Wild Night  Picture  Tracks
The Who                                       Boris The Spider  Picture  Tracks
The Who                                       Let's See Action  Picture  Tracks
The Who                                       Let's See People  Picture  Tracks
The Who                                       Pinball Wizard  Picture  Tracks
The Who                                       Sparks On The Bay  Picture  Tracks
Tina Turner                                  I Gotcha  Picture  Tracks
Traffic                                          Empty Pages  Picture  Tracks
YES                                              Roundabout  Picture  Tracks









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