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INCLUDES Associated Label  " The Genuine Pig "


1968 Demos  Picture  Tracks
First And Last  Picture  Tracks
Five Nights In A Judo Arena  Picture  Tracks
From Us To You  ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Live In Paris 1965  Picture  Tracks
Stars Of 63  Picture  Tracks
Something Extra  Picture  Tracks
The Alternate White Album ( 2 CD SET )  Picture  Tracks
Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 1  Picture  Tracks
Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 2  Picture  Tracks
Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 3  Picture  Tracks
Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 4  Picture  Tracks
Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 5  Picture  Tracks
Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 6  Picture  Tracks
Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 7  Picture  Tracks
Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 8  Picture  Tracks


A Stone Alone ( Keith Richards , LA , USA Dec 15th , 1988 ) ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
All Hallow's Eve ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Atlantic City 1989  Vol. 1  Picture  Tracks
Atlantic City 1989  Vol. 2  Picture  Tracks
Atlantic City 1989  Vol. 3  Picture  Tracks
Basel '90 ( 2 CD SET )  Picture  Tracks
Beast Of Belgium Part One  Picture  Tracks
Beast Of Belgium Part Two  Picture  Tracks
Beast Of Belgium Part Three  Picture  Tracks
Beast Of Belgium Part Four  Picture  Tracks
Bright Lights , Big City  Picture  Tracks
Buried Alive ( 2 CD SET ) ( The New Barbarians )  Picture  Tracks
Conquer America  Picture  Tracks
Da'Lapa Incident ( 2 CD SET )  Picture  Tracks
First Night Stand Part One ( Washington 1994 )  Picture  Tracks
First Night Stand Part Two( Washington 1994 plus Bonus tracks )  Picture  Tracks
From Far East To Down Under Vol 1  ( MICK JAGGER 1988 World Tour )  Picture  Tracks
From Far East To Down Under Vol 2  ( MICK JAGGER 1988 World Tour )  Picture  Tracks
Get Satisfaction If You Want !  Picture  Tracks
Get Your Leeds Lungs Out  Picture  Tracks
Hyde Park 1969 ( 2 CD SET )  Picture  Tracks
Live at Hampton 1981  Vol. 1  Picture  Tracks
Live at Hampton 1981  Vol. 2  Picture  Tracks
Live at Joe Robbie Stadium , Miami 1994 ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Live At The L.A. Forum  ( The New Barbarians )  Picture  Tracks
Live At The Marquee  Picture  Tracks
Live At The Superdome ( 2 CD SET )  Picture  Tracks
Live In Austin ( Ron Wood Live in Austin , Texas , USA , Nov 13th , 1993 )  Picture  Tracks
Live In Johannesburg ( 2 cd set )   Picture  Tracks
Live In Toronto 1989 ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Liver That You'll Ever Be  Picture  Tracks
Lonely At The Top  Picture  Tracks
More Than Welcome To Frankfurt  ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Out On Bail ( 2 cd set )  Picture


Pain Of Love   Picture  Tracks
Paris Aux Printemps ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Philadelphia Special ( 2 cd set LIVE In Philly and Ft Worth ,USA , 1972 ) ( 2 CD SET )  Picture  Tracks
Philadelphia Special  II ( 2 cd set LIVE In Philly and Ft Worth ,USA , 1972 ) ( 2 CD SET )  Picture  Tracks
Pretty Beat Up  ( Ron Wood )  Picture  Tracks
Rocks Off  !  Picture  Tracks
San Diego 1969  Picture  Tracks
Shattered In Europe  Picture  Tracks
So Much Younger Than Today  Picture  Tracks
Sweet Home Chicago  ( Live with Muddy Waters ) ( 2 CD SET )  Picture  Tracks
Take Care Of You And Thank You , Ronnie   Picture  Tracks
There's No Angel Born In Hell   Picture  Tracks
Through The Years  ( Mick Jagger )  Picture  Tracks
Toronto '93 ( Keith Richards )  Picture  Tracks
Ultrarare Trax Vol. 1  Picture  Tracks
Ultrarare Trax Vol. 2  Picture  Tracks
Ultrarare Trax Vol. 3  Picture  Tracks
Ultrarare Trax Vol. 4  Picture  Tracks
Ultrarare Trax Vol. 5  Picture  Tracks
Ultrarare Trax Vol. 6  Picture  Tracks
Ultrarare Trax Vol. 7  Picture  Tracks
Ultrarare Trax Vol. 8  Picture  Tracks
Ultrarare Trax Vol. 9  Picture  Tracks
Ultrarare Trax Vol. 10  Picture  Tracks
Welcome To New York  Picture  Tracks
With Dylan , LIVE USA 1984  Picture  Tracks
Whip's Crack & Tiger's Snarl ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks

Jimi Hendrix

Atlanta Special  Picture  Tracks
Fire  Picture  Tracks
It Never Takes An End ...  ( Genuine Pig )  Picture  Tracks
Last American Concert Part One  Picture  Tracks
Last American Concert Part Two  Picture  Tracks
Live In Copenhagen 1968  ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Live In Paris  Picture  Tracks
On The Killing Floor  ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Outtakes And Studio Sessions ( Genuine Pig )  Picture  Tracks
Rare Masters Series Vol. 3  Picture  Tracks
Rarities ( Genuine Pig )  Picture  Tracks

Bruce Springsteen

Acoustic Tales  ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
And The Band Played   Picture  Tracks
Live At Max's Kansas City  ( Previously Unreleased Radio Sessions at Max's , March 7th , 1973 )  Picture  Tracks
Live In L.A. 1992  Picture  Tracks
Saint In The City  ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Small Town Boy  Picture  Tracks
Torn And Frayed  Picture  Tracks
Tunnel Of Lust  ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 1  Picture  Tracks
Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 2  Picture  Tracks
Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 3  Picture  Tracks
Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 4  Picture  Tracks


Brussels Affairs  ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Destroyer  ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Live At The Shark Tank ( 2 cd set )( Page-Plant )  Picture  Tracks
Live In Rotterdam  Picture  Tracks
Midnight Moonlight ( Jimmy Page Live in New York , October 22nd , 1988 )  Picture  Tracks
Riverside Blues  Picture  Tracks
Trampled Underfoot  ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
We Are Gonna Groove  Picture  Tracks
White Summer  Picture  Tracks


Amsterdam '69  Picture  Tracks
Best Of Tour 72  Picture  Tracks
Brain Damage  ( London 1974 )  Picture  Tracks
Darkness over Frisco  Picture  Tracks
Le Stade Olympique  ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Libest Spacement Monitor  Picture  Tracks
Live At Winterland  ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Live In Montreaux ( 2 CD SET )  Picture  Tracks
Montreaux Casino 1970  ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
One Of These Days  Picture  Tracks
Pink Is The Pig  Picture  Tracks
The Embryo  Picture  Tracks
Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 1  Picture  Tracks
Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 2  Picture  Tracks
Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 3  Picture  Tracks
Welcome To The Machine  Picture  Tracks


Aerosmith                                 Eat The Rich   ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Aerosmith                                 Rock This Way   ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Allman Brothers Band             Statesboro Blues ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
The Animals W/Eric Burdon   Live At Poughkeepie  (2 cd set)   Picture  Tracks
The Bangles                          The Bangles Live  ( Live In New York , USA , 1986 )  Picture  Tracks
B.B.King                             Live in Montreaux  Picture  Tracks
Black Crowes                 In Concert 1993 ( 2 cd set ) ( February 6th , 1993 , Houston , Texas, USA )  Picture  Tracks
Black Crowes                 Newport 1992 ( 2 cd set )( November 18th , 1992 , Newport , Rhode Island , USA )  Picture  Tracks
Black Sabbath                Boblingen and Born Again Demos ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Bob Dylan                            Live With The Rolling Stones 1984  Picture  Tracks
Bob Dylan                            Love Songs For America  ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Bob Dylan                            Manchester Prayer  Picture  Tracks
Bob Dylan                      Now Ain't Time for Your Tears  Picture  Tracks
Bob Dylan                      Royal Albert Hall 1966  Picture  Tracks
Bob Dylan W/Tom Petty    True Confessions  Picture  Tracks
Bob Marley                    1978 Rehearsals  Picture  Tracks
Bob Marley                    Live In Chicago  Picture  Tracks
Bon Jovi                         Dead Or Alive  Picture  Tracks
Bon Jovi                         Europe 1993 ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Bon Jovi                         Made In Japan  Picture  Tracks
Buddy Guy                     Blues Alive  Picture  Tracks
Kate Bush  & Peter Gabriel    Angel On Earth  Picture  Tracks
Kate Bush                      Home Demos  Picture  Tracks
The Byrds                            Fly Into A Passion  Picture  Tracks
The Byrds                            Live in Amsterdam ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
The Byrds                            Live in Stockholm 1967  Picture  Tracks
The Byrds  ( Roger McGuinn )  Someone To Love  Picture  Tracks
Camel                     Famous Rock Dreams                       Picture  Tracks
Cash Johnny          American Outtakes  Picture  Tracks
Cinderella               Gypsy Road  Picture  Tracks
The Cramps            Sex , Cramps And Rock 'N' Roll ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
CREAM                  Stepping Out  ( Stockholm , Sweden and Live BBC Radio Recordings , 1967 )  Picture  Tracks
Creedence Clearwater Revival        Crackin' Up   Picture  Tracks
CSN & Y                 Memorial  ( Los Angeles Forum , June 28th , 1970 )  Picture  Tracks
Chris Isaac              Live in Zurich   Picture  Tracks
The Clash               Yellow Riot  Picture  Tracks
The Cure                Cold ( 2 CD SET )  Picture  Tracks
The Cure                A L'Olympia ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
The Cure                Full Moon Concert ( 2 CD SET )  Picture  Tracks
The Cure                In Between Days  Picture  Tracks
The Cure                In Between Millenniums ( 2 CD SET )  Picture  Tracks
The Cure                Play For Today  Picture  Tracks
David Bowie           Heathen in New York  Picture  Tracks
David Bowie           Heaven's In Here  ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
David Bowie           Rock ' N ' Roll Suicide  ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
David Bowie           Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 1  Picture  Tracks
David Bowie           White Light , White Heat  Picture  Tracks
Eric Clapton           American Tour 1978  Picture  Tracks
Eric Clapton           Living Stories  Picture  Tracks
Eric Clapton           One Night In December ( Live In Budokan , 2001 )  Picture  Tracks
Eric Clapton           The Last Rehearsal  Picture  Tracks
Eric Clapton           Wonderful Tonight On Stage ( 6 CD SET )  Picture  Tracks
Eric Clapton's BLIND FAITH                   The Morgan Rehearsals 1969  ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Eric Clapton's CREAM                                       Stepping Out  Picture  Tracks
Eric Clapton's CREAM                                       Three Wheels Of Fire  Picture  Tracks
Eric Clapton's DEREK & THE DOMINOES     Miami Sessions  Picture  Tracks
Depeche Mode        Ces't La Vie  Picture  Tracks
Depeche Mode        New Life                     Picture  Tracks
Depeche Mode        Performance ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Depeche Mode        The Handsome Show  Picture  Tracks
Dire Straits             American Tour 1985  ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Dire Straits             European Tour 1992 Part One  Picture  Tracks
Dire Straits             European Tour 1992 Part Two  Picture  Tracks
Dire Straits             Once Upon A Time   Picture  Tracks
Dire Straits             Once Upon A Time In The West ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Dire Straits             Sidney 1986  ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
The Doors              Celebration  Picture  Tracks
The Doors              Live In Stockholm ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
The Doors              The Matrix Tapes ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Emerson , Lake & Palmer         Classics  Picture  Tracks
Eurythmics             In Their Own Words  Picture  Tracks
Eurythmics             Jack Talking  Picture  Tracks
Extreme                  Flesh & Blood  Picture  Tracks
The Faces               Real Good Time  Picture  Tracks
Fleetwood Mac      They Play On  Picture  Tracks
Rory Gallagher      Just A Rolling Stone  Picture  Tracks
Rory Gallagher      Live In Cork ( England 1990 )  Picture  Tracks
Rory Gallagher      Secret Agent In Cologne ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Rory Gallagher      The Devil Made Me Do It ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Rory Gallagher      The Irish Werewolf  Picture  Tracks
Gary Moore           Back To The Blues  ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush     Angels On Earth  Picture  Tracks
Genesis                   Live In Montreal ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
George Thorogood   Viva Las Vegas  Picture  Tracks
Graham Parker     Blue Highway  Picture  Tracks
Grateful Dead          Live At The Orpheum Theatre  Picture  Tracks
Grateful Dead          Live in Oakland ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Grateful Dead          My Head Is Dead  Picture  Tracks
Guns 'N Roses       L.A. Forum 1991  Picture  Tracks
Heroes Del Silencio    Live In Concert  Picture  Tracks
Hooker John Lee   Mid Valley '92  Picture  Tracks
Hooker John Lee    The Montreaux Album  Picture  Tracks
Iggy Pop                 Nightclubbing  Picture  Tracks
Iggy Pop                 Raw Power '91  Picture  Tracks
Iggy Pop                 Real Wild Child  ( 2 CD SET )  Picture  Tracks
Iggy Pop                The Complete Channel Tapes  Picture  Tracks
IKON                     The Trial Of Destiny  Picture  Tracks
INXS                      Original Sin  Picture  Tracks
Iron Maiden           Brave New Tour  ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Izzi Strandlin          Buried Alive  Picture  Tracks
Jeff Healey Band    In Concert  Picture  Tracks
Jethro Tull             At The House Of Blues ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Jethro Tull             Hippodrome Breath  Picture  Tracks
Jethro Tull             Never Too Old To Rock 'N' Roll  Picture  Tracks
Jethro Tull             Nothing Is Easy   Picture  Tracks
Jimmy Page           Midnight Moonlight ( Jimmy Page Live in New York , October 22nd , 1988 )  Picture  Tracks
John Lee Hooker   The Montreaux Album  Picture  Tracks
Judas Priest           Breaking The Law  Picture  Tracks
Korn                       The Torture Never Stops  Picture  Tracks
Little Feat              Back On The Road  Picture  Tracks
Little Village          Stage Job  Picture  Tracks
Lou Reed                                       Hero & Heroine ( New York , Dec 26th , 1972 )  Picture  Tracks
Lou Reed & Velvet Underground     Live in Europe 1993  ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Lou Reed                                    Modern Dance  ( Germany , April 24th , 2000 )  ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Lou Reed                                    Power And Glory ( 2 cd ) ( Finley Park , IL , USA , Sept 12th , 1992 )  Picture  Tracks
Lynyrd Skynyrd                         Atlanta 1993  Picture  Tracks
Meatloaf                                    Classic Performance ( Elephant in the Pan )  Picture  Tracks
Van Morrison                            Think Twice Before You Go ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Midnight Oil                               Dream World  Picture  Tracks
Motorhead                                 Deaf Forever  Picture  Tracks
Muddy Waters & The Rolling Stones  Sweet Home Chicago ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Neil Young                                         Acoustic Token  Picture  Tracks
Neil Young                                 Amsterdam  '89  Picture  Tracks
Neil Young & Crazy Horse       Blankness  Picture  Tracks
Neil Young & Crazy Horse       Electric Prayers  Picture  Tracks
Neil Young                                In Concert  Picture  Tracks
Crosby,Still,Nash & Young      Memorial  Picture  Tracks
Neil Young & CSNY )               Old Cop  Picture  Tracks
Neil Young                                Prisoners Of Rock 'N' Roll ( 2 CD SET )  Picture  Tracks
Neil Young                                Silver And Gold  ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Neil Young                               Winterlong ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Crosby,Still,Nash & Young      Long Time Gone   ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Neville Brothers                       Swiss Moon ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Nils Lofgren                             Back It Up  Picture  Tracks
NIRVANA                                LIVE in California 1991  Picture  Tracks
NIRVANA                                LIVE in Seattle 1993  Picture  Tracks
Ozzy Osbourne                         Paranoid Man  Picture  Tracks
Patty Smith                              Live at CBGB's  Picture  Tracks
Pearl Jam                                 Europe '93  Picture  Tracks
Pearl Jam                                 Live Performances  Picture  Tracks
Tom Petty                                Anyway You Want It  Picture  Tracks
Tom Petty                                Live in Gainesville  Picture  Tracks
Tom Petty                                Straight Into Darkness  ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Tom Petty W/Bob Dylan         True Confessions  Picture  Tracks
Tom Waits                               Bridge Benefit 2007  Picture  Tracks
Pixies                                       Gone To Heaven  Picture  Tracks
Pixies                                       Subbacultcha  Picture  Tracks
Placebo                                    Palefaced Moments  Picture  Tracks
The Police                                Many Miles Away  Picture  Tracks
The Police                                Reunion Concert '86  Picture  Tracks
Prince                                       Housequake  Picture  Tracks
Prince                                       Jack U Off !  Picture  Tracks
Prince                                       Nightclubbing  Picture  Tracks
Queen                                       Rarities 1970 - 1977  Picture  Tracks
Queen                                       Waiting On A Death Trip  Picture  Tracks
Rage Against The Machine       Live  Picture  Tracks
Ramones                                  Back Street Party  Picture  Tracks
Otis Redding                            Satisfaction  Picture  Tracks
Red Hot Chili Peppers             Horny In Hamburg  Picture  Tracks
Red Hot Chili Peppers             What Live Album ?  Picture  Tracks
REM                                        Acoustic Part One  Picture  Tracks
REM                                        Acoustic Part Two  Picture  Tracks
REM                                        Unplugged 2001  Picture  Tracks
Ron Wood                              Live In Austin  Picture  Tracks
Rory Gallagher                       Live In Cork ( England 1990 )  Picture  Tracks
Roxy Music                   Out Of The Blue ( 2 CD) ( Radio City Music Hall , New York , USA , May 26th 1983 )  Picture  Tracks
Santana                                   Live At Sunrise  Picture  Tracks
Sex Pistols                               Never Mind Winterland  Picture  Tracks
Steppenwolf                            Ride With Me  Picture  Tracks
Rod Stewart                            Sweet Little Rock 'N' Roller  Picture  Tracks
Sting                                        A Walk In The Park  ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Sting                                        Bring On The Night  Picture  Tracks
Sting                                        Chicago '91  Picture  Tracks
The Pogues                             Live On Rain Street  Picture  Tracks
The Sisters Of Mercy              Floorshow  Picture  Tracks

The Sisters Of Mercy              Live In Amsterdam 

 Picture  Tracks
The Sisters Of Mercy              Live In The Trojan Horse  Picture  Tracks
The Smiths                               Live In Madrid  Picture  Tracks
The Soup Dragons                  Dream-E-Forever   Picture  Tracks
Stevie Ray Vaughan                First Concert In Europe   Picture  Tracks
Stevie Ray Vaughan                In Memoriam Vol. 1  Picture  Tracks
Stevie Ray Vaughan                In Memoriam Vol. 2  Picture  Tracks
Stevie Ray Vaughan                In Memoriam Vol. 3  Picture  Tracks
Stevie Ray Vaughan                It's Still Called The Blues  Picture  Tracks
Stevie Ray Vaughan                Last Farewell  Picture  Tracks
Stevie Ray Vaughan                Live in Montreaux  Picture  Tracks
The Waterboys                        Live At The Zenith  Picture  Tracks
The Who                                          American Tour 1973  Picture  Tracks
The Who                                  Live in Amsterdam 1969  ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Tina Turner                                     Live In Tokyo    Picture  Tracks
Thorogood George                  Viva Las Vegas  Picture  Tracks
Toto                                         Caught In The Balance  ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Tracy Chapman                        Live  ( Live at Montreaux 1988 )  Picture  Tracks
U 2                                           Another Place , Another Time  Picture  Tracks
U 2                                           Atchung Bootleg ( 2 cd )  Picture  Tracks
U 2                                            Philadelphia Special            Picture  Tracks
Van Morrison                          Christmas Special  ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Van Morrison                          Live in Montreaux  Picture  Tracks
Van Morrison                          Think Twice Before You Go ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Whitesnake                                      Live In Tokyo    Picture  Tracks
Frank Zappa                            The Sheik's Rehearsals  ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Frank Zappa                            Wanna Buy Some Acid ?  ( 2 cd set )  Picture  Tracks
Z Z TOP                                   Live Nationwide  Picture  Tracks









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